Bellway buys land with and without the benefit of detailed planning permission. Where sites are progressed through the planning process, we work closely with both local councils and the local residents to arrive at a scheme that is beneficial to the community, whilst at the same time preserves or enhances the local environment. We do this by combining the talents of the in-house teams with expert external consultancy.

Inclusive Planning

We are committed to an inclusive planning approach. This includes engagement with local communities through neighbourhood workshops, public meetings, exhibitions, newsletters and interactive websites, all assisting to build positive relationships with key stakeholders.


While these measures help to secure detailed planning permissions for sensitive and challenging sites, we never lose our focus on the new communities being developed. By engaging with local people we can provide new homes and facilities to complement the existing community, creating cohesion between old and new..

Summary of performance

10,892 homes were sold in the year (2018 – 10,307)

42,721,877 owned and controlled plots (2018 – 41,077) representing 3.9 years’ worth of supply (2018 – 4.0 years)

43% of our homes were developed on brownfield sites (2018 – 53%)

£77.3m was committed in community investment through Section 106 and Community Infrastructure Levy (2018 – £79.0m)

Performance data