Performance against targets 18/19

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We will ensure that 100% of our compounds are fitted with energy saving devices by 2020

We achieved this target by July 2018, 2 years early
We will limit the engine size of forklifts to 55 watts on all sites by 2019, delivering fuel and carbon savings

All our forklift fleet has now been converted to 55 kw engines (2018: 88.6%)
We will implement PIRs in all new show home lighting to reduce energy usage

After further investigation this did not prove to be cost effective and instead we have moved all new show homes over to 100% LED lighting to deliver energy savings
We will investigate opportunities for a carbon strategy and assess and implement a range of energy reduction initiatives across the business

We have continued to investigate and implement energy saving initiatives and have set a carbon reduction target for the coming years
We will increase the percentage of waste diverted from landfill at divisional offices where we have responsibility for our waste

We improved the overall office diversion rate to 54.9% (2018: 44.6%)
We will maintain the proportion of waste diverted from landfill on construction sites at 97.5% or above

We continue to improve our waste management, diverting 98.4% of waste from landfill in 2019 (2018: 98.1%)
We will reduce the quantity of waste we generate (excl. ground works waste) per home built by 2021

Work has continued on this target, finalising our ‘waste per home’ metric and introducing initiatives to reduce waste
We will complete research into 6 sustainable construction methods and products, undertake trials at a division level and implement successful outcomes across the Group by 2021

Work continues on our R&D into sustainable construction, including investigations in the suitability of ‘modern methods of construction’ for our business
We will pilot Building for Life on a minimum of 1 site and assess the impact on planning, construction costs and development desirability over the next 3 years

The target was due to be completed this year. However the final assessments have been delayed and will now be undertaken in early 2020. We will then use the findings to help shape our evolving approach to development design
Society and Economy
We will deliver high levels of customer satisfaction, aiming to retain our ‘5 Star Builder’ status for the 2018/19 year

We regained our 5 Star Builder status, with at least 90% of our customers saying they would recommend Bellway to their friends (2018: 5 Star)
We will aim to maintain RIDDOR rates at 2018 level or below

Our RIDDOR seven-day reportable incident rate in 2019 was 324.87 (2018: 404.02), the third year in a row we have successfully reduced this rate
We will deliver ‘Site Tidiness’ and ‘Working at Height’ safety briefings / training at 100% of sites to maintain a safe working environment

We successfully delivered these site safety briefings, contributing to a safe working environment for our employees and contractors
We will develop a structured and integrated training programme for site managers that will also consider sustainability issues

We successfully introduced our new site management training programme and the first cohort of trainees are already progressing through the scheme
We will increase the number of apprentices and graduates we employ, helping to address the industry-wide issue of skills shortages

We increased the number of apprentices and graduates to 155 (2018: 142), a 9.2% increase
We will extend our partnership with Cancer Research UK for a further year and aim to increase our fundraising and donation total across the 3 year period to at least £1 million

We achieved our £1 million target six months early, finishing the year with a total of £1.275 million in fundraising and donations