Charitable giving

As a responsible business, part of our ethos is to support both the local communities where we build as well as those sections of society less fortunate than ourselves.

Charitable Focus

We continue to develop our charitable engagement activities, with focus split across three key areas:

  • Supporting national charities – we enter into partnerships with charities who benefit from direct donations and employee fundraising.
  • Supporting our divisions – each operating division (and Head Office) manages a separate budget to support local charitable and community causes.
  • Supporting our employees – we double match fundraising for our national charity partner and ‘match fund’ employee fundraising undertaken for other causes.

National Support

We are currently in a multi-year partnership with Cancer Research UK (CRUK), a cause close to the hearts of many of our employees. As well as fundraising activities, we also work with CRUK to promote health awareness and cancer prevention information to Bellway employees and our sub-contractors working at sites.

Local Giving

Each of our divisions has an annual budget which is used to support charities, community groups and other initiatives in their local area. Additional local charitable support is allocated from Head Office under the direction of our Charity Committee. We also make small donations through the Community Foundation of Tyne & Wear and Northumberland.

We financially support the running of a breakfast club in a local primary school in Newcastle upon Tyne as part of the Greggs Foundation Breakfast Club programme, with volunteers from Bellway visiting the club on a regular basis to engage with the children.

Charity policy

Bellway is committed to supporting the communities in which it operates and this includes financial support to registered local and national charities.

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Summary of performance

A total of £494,812 was raised and donated to Cancer Research UK (CRUK - our charity partner), up 25% on last year’s total (2018 – £394,453) and representing our best fundraising performance to-date

This brings the total raised and donated for CRUK to £1,275,178 in just three years

Total Bellway charitable donations and fundraising amounted to £754,793 (2018 - £564,040), a 34% increase on last year

Performance data

With the on-going success of our partnership with CRUK, we extended it for a further year. We set a target of reaching £1 million in donations and fundraising by July 2019 and achieved this six months early.

We have continued our commitment to ‘double match’ every pound raised by employees and of the £494,812 total raised and donated in 2019, employee, sub-contractor and supplier fundraising accounted for £283,841, 43% up on last year (2018 – £198,953).

Since the partnership began £1,275,178 has been raised and donated to CRUK, with £667,586 as a result of fundraising by our employees, sub-contractors and suppliers. The continuing success has seen the partnership extended for a further two years, with a target to increase fundraising and donations to £2 million by the end of July 2021.

Bellway also matches employee fundraising for other charitable causes and this year employees raised a total of £107,895 for their personal charities, 49% up on the previous year (2018 – £72,643). In addition each Bellway Division also operates its own dedicated budget to support local charities and community groups.

Across all our charitable activity, total donations amounted to £754,793 (2018 – £564,040), of which £391,736 was raised by employees from their colleagues, friends, family and our suppliers, up 44% on last year (2018 – £272,096).