Domestic and office waste

We recognise that our customers need to be able to dispose of their domestic waste in a practical manner, while taking into consideration the environmental impacts of waste disposal. To support our customers in making environmentally friendly decisions, where space allows we incorporate internal recycling facilities in new homes. We also provide information in our homeowner information packs, highlighting the importance of recycling domestic waste, including details and location of the nearest local authority recycling centre.

As well as our focus on the responsible segregation, diversion and disposal of construction waste from our sites, we also strive to recycle waste in our offices. We work with our staff to encourage efficient segregation of waste, and with office landlords to ensure, where possible, as much of our office waste is diverted from landfill.

Summary of performance

2,239 homes (30%) were constructed with integrated waste recycling facilities (2019 – 4,081; 37%)

Bellway’s office waste diversion rate has improved to 57.5% (2019 – 54.9%)

Performance data