Charity policy

Bellway is committed to supporting the communities in which it operates and this includes financial support to registered local and national charities.

The main charitable budget is allocated at Head Office under the direction of Bellway’s Charity Committee. This comprises both small donations to local charities, across the Group’s areas of operation, as well as any larger donations to the national charities Bellway may choose to support each year.

We are also keen to support charities which are connected with the construction industry, as well as charities with which our people are personally involved. Our aim is to support causes which can make a real difference to local communities across the country, in particular charities which operate in the following sectors:

  • Health; Young People; Older People; Housing and Homelessness; Environment; Community Welfare.

We undertake our charitable support in a number of ways:

1. Supporting our divisions

Each of our divisions has an annual budget which they use to support charitable and community causes within their area of operation.

2. Supporting our employees

In recognition of the valuable efforts our employees make to raise funds for charitable projects, Bellway has committed to set aside funds in each financial year to match/top-up their fundraising efforts for our national charity partner as well as other local and national charities and good causes.

3. Supporting national and local charities

In each financial year we aim to enter into a partnership with one national charity, making direct financial contributions and matching employee fundraising. Bellway’s current chosen national charity partner is Cancer Research UK.

In addition to the support for Cancer Research UK, Bellway will respond to direct requests from local and national charities and community groups for smaller donations, as well as operating a fund through the Community Foundation of Tyne & Wear and Northumberland that supports local north east charities.

Please note that Bellway does not provide support for religious organisations (unless they can demonstrate that services are provided to the wider community), organisations that operate discriminatory practices (with respect to employment or the provision of services) or political organisations/candidates/programmes.

Requests from registered charities seeking small donations (of around £500) should be sent by email to These will be considered on a quarterly basis, and only those charities selected will be contacted.