CR strategy

Bellway has been building homes for more than 75 years and has grown from a small family business, based in Newcastle upon Tyne, to one of the largest volume house builders in the UK. Directly employing almost 3,000 people, with thousands more working with Bellway as sub-contractors and with our supply chain partners, we have developed an in-depth understanding of the risks and opportunities that the construction industry creates.

Our detailed experience and knowledge gained over the past 75 years allows us to adapt to an ever changing construction environment, including:

  • Existing and future building regulations and standards
  • Skills shortages and an ageing workforce
  • Scarcity of raw materials
  • Pressure on land availability
  • Energy costs
  • Climate change

Our CR Commitments

The Bellway4Good Steering Committee established a number of targets to be achieved in the 2019/20 financial year and our performance against these can be viewed in this report. For the coming 2020/21 financial year we have again set a range of CR targets, broken down into our three key areas

For the coming 2019/20 financial year we have again set a range of CR targets, broken down into our three key areas:

  • Environment
  • Construction
  • Society and Economy

We continue to develop internal policies and procedures to support our Bellway4Good activities and are continuing to identify CR opportunities and risks to help shape our approach.

CR Steering Committee

Our Bellway4Good Steering Committee meets quarterly to assess performance, to allocate resources and to provide feedback to stakeholders where required. The long term ambitions of the Steering Committee remain:

  • To mitigate the potential negative impact our business has on the wider environment;
  • To encourage a positive internal culture of engagement, innovation and pride in our workforce through increased interaction with employees;
  • To encourage the alignment of business needs with responsible and ethical practices;
  • To encourage engagement with a wide group of stakeholders;
  • To realise commercial benefits from CR initiatives.