Sustainable communities

Creating communities is about more than putting together bricks and mortar. Our developments include private housing, affordable housing, mixed-use and mixed tenure, ensuring we create balanced communities for people to live in.

In creating new developments we aim to improve the overall health and wellbeing of the area by incorporating recreational and community facilities into development plans. We also work with local partners to bring added value to development schemes, which may include employment and training opportunities for local people. In summary, Bellway delivers all the ingredients to create truly sustainable communities.


The way in which we plan new communities can have a significant effect upon their social and economic fortunes, whether it is the regeneration of an existing community or the development of a new one. Throughout the planning process we work closely with local councils and residents to address any issues of concern and ensure the scheme is beneficial to the local community.


In addition to the construction of new developments, we make considerable investment in the local communities where we build through Section 106 and Community Infrastructure Levy payments. Each year we committed millions of pounds of investment to support education initiatives, transport and highway improvements, health facilities and the provision of open spaces, helping to create new sustainable developments that are integrated into the wider existing community.


The successful integration of buildings, transport routes and landscapes as part of a new development lies at the heart of creating a sustainable community. The central tenets of our approach are specifically to:

  • Create a diverse environment with its own identity, offering a range of uses and experiences.
  • Design public spaces which prioritises the pedestrian over the car and which promotes the extension of existing and accessible transport routes.
  • Create a strong definition between public and private places or areas.
  • Construct developments in such a manner as to enhance and preserve the local environment.
  • Design buildings which incorporate a diversity of forms to reflect a rich variety of home types.
Summary of performance

22% of our homes were delivered to affordable housing providers (2019 – 22%)

27% of our homes were sold to first-time buyers (2019 – 30%), helping just over 2,400 homeowners get their first foot on the property ladder

£60.5m was committed in community investment through Section 106 and Community Infrastructure Levy in the past year (2019 – £77.3m)

We estimate that between 19,700 and 23,4004 jobs are supported by our construction activities, both directly, indirectly and induced through Bellway, sub-contract labour and our supply chain1

1Using data/metrics from The Economic Footprint of House Building in England and Wales (2018) by Home Builders Federation and Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners

Performance data