2020/21 targets

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We will assess the use of single-use plastic in our offices, construction processes and supply chain to understand where we can reduce or eliminate usage by 2021
We will seek to reduce water consumption across the new homes we build to 115 litres per person per day by 2022
We will aim to reduce our direct carbon emission intensity (scope 1 & 2) from our construction operations, offices and business mileage by 10% by 2022/23 (measured by CO2e per home sold; 2017/18 as a base year)
We will fit electric vehicle charging points as standard in 50% of new homes built by 2023
We will fit a range of renewable energy technology to 40% of new homes built by 2023
We will aim to reduce employee business car mileage by 10% through the use of remote meeting technology and the introduction of a working from home policy (measured as miles per employee; average of FY17, FY18 and FY19 as baseline)
We will reduce the quantity of waste we generate (excl. ground works waste) per home built by 2021 (taking 2017/18 as a base year)
We will complete research into 6 sustainable construction methods and products, undertake trials at a division level and implement successful outcomes across the Group by 2021
We will aim to retain maintain our ‘5-star builder’ status by achieving a ‘recommend a friend’ score of at least 90% in the HBF new home buyers survey
We will develop a smart-home technology package for new homes with a view to trialling on five developments by 2022
Society and economy
We will maintain our site based RIDDOR rates at 2019 levels or below
We will set up diversity and inclusion focus groups to gain a greater understanding of the issues and challenges facing under-represented groups of employees, informing priorities moving forwards
We will implement an employee engagement survey this year and aim to achieve a 60% response rate
We will develop a school engagement pack for primary and secondary schools for use by divisions by July 2021
We will extend our partnership with Cancer Research UK for a further 2 year and aim to increase our fundraising and donation total across the combined 5-year period to at least £2 million (by July 2021)