Performance against targets 19/20

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We will assess the use of single-use plastic in our offices, construction processes and supply chain to understand where we can reduce or eliminate usage by 2021.

Progress is on-going
We will seek to reduce water consumption across all households to 115 litres per person per day by 2022.

58.5% of our homes sold in 2019/20 achieved or bettered this water consumption rate
We will aim to reduce our direct carbon emission intensity (scope 1 & 2) from our construction operations, offices and business mileage by 10% by 2022/23 (measured by CO2e per home sold; 2017/18 as a base year).

COVID lockdown caused a 30.9% fall in homes sold which, despite an 18.4% fall in emissions, led to a 16.7% rise in emissions per home sold
We will maintain 100% timber sourced from sustainable sources and maintain our score in the WWF Timber scorecard as 3.

We achieved this target
We will maintain the proportion of waste diverted from landfill on construction sites at 98% or above.

We increased our waste diversion rate sixth year, reaching 99.1% (2019 - 98.4%)
We will reduce the quantity of waste we generate (excl. ground works waste) per home built by 2021.

Work has continued on this target, introducing specific initiatives to reduce rubble waste
We will complete research into 6 sustainable construction methods and products, undertake trials at a division level and implement successful outcomes across the Group by 2021.

Work has continued on our R&D into sustainable construction, including investigations in the suitability of ‘modern methods of construction’ for our business
We will deliver quality homes and customer satisfaction and maintain a recommend score of at least 90% in the HBF new home buyers’ survey, equating to a five-star rating.

We regained our 5 Star Builder status, with at least 90% of our customers saying they would recommend Bellway to their friends (2019 - 5 Star)
Society and Economy
We will maintain a safe working environment at our sites and in our offices by:

  • Maintaining RIDDOR rates at 2018 levels or below;
  • Delivering ‘slips, trips and falls’ and ‘working from ladders’ safety briefings at 100% of sites with the aim of reducing accident trends in this area compared to 2019.
Our RIDDOR seven-day reportable incident rate in 2020 was 203.12 (2019 - 324.87), the fourth year in a row we have successfully reduced this rate
We will train 75 Mental Health First Aiders by July 2020.

We successfully trained 160 Mental Health First Aiders across the business
We will increase the number of graduates, trainees and apprentices in the business compared to 2019, helping to address the industry-wide issue of skills shortages.

We successfully increased the number of graduates, trainees and apprentices to 258 (2019 - 182)
We will develop a school engagement pack for primary and secondary schools for use by divisions by July 2020.

Due to the impact of COVID lockdown we were unable to deliver this target but work will continue in 2020/21
We will extend our partnership with Cancer Research UK for a further two years and aim to increase our fundraising and donation total across the combined five-year period to at least £2 million by July 2021.

We have continued our work with CRUK and ended year 4 of the partnership with a total of £1.6 million in fundraising and donations